09 November 2010

First Letter: Dear Reader

What happens when one’s accountability/writing partner (AWP) is also one’s web designer?

Here in Letter 1, let me tell you what happens: cyber-silent EMP is strongly encouraged to store up some word-treasures in this temporal chest ... and to share them with others.

So here I am at last, and here you are, visiting Elaine Mary Phillips dot com for the very first time.

Why the reluctance for so long?

There’s a line in one of my favourite movies—Shadowlands—about the life of C.S. Lewis (played by Anthony Hopkins). When he admits what a private person he is, despite his public image as author and professor and speaker, his friend Joy Gresham says to him: “Let me get this straight. You give all these talks and write all these books so that people will leave you alone?”


When I asked my dear whip-cracking web designer, Evie (AWP: see above), why she kept insisting that I set up a website where I could share my writing, she gently responded: “What gives me pleasure is seeing others finding and using their God-given gifts and living their dreams.”

As a long-time teacher and recent mentor, I understand the desire to see others reach their potential.

This, then, is a place not only to share my own work but also to introduce you to the first writings of others.

Under Work in Progress and In Print, you can read my writings to a wider audience. Some articles are in their final form and have been published or submitted elsewhere; others are in various stages of completion. Constructive critiques are more than welcome.

Since Evie, my personal encourager, also insisted on a bio, you can learn something About EMP in these 40 Random Facts.

May this be a cyber-haven sanctuary where I am, emphatically, my true self.

Put on the kettle and join me for tea, whatever time zone you’re in. Pop in and visit. Leave a comment on one of my blogs. Or see Contact and send me a letter!