30 November 2010

November ends

What a beautiful week of solitude and silence I have enjoyed.

Snow has this effect on me: I want to hibernate, be quiet, slip away to a secret place...and write...endlessly.

My sweet spouse has been in sunnier climes for a couple of weeks visiting family, and I have surprised many who have invited me over by declining their gracious offers to feed me and keep me company. I just want to be. Alone. Soon enough my quiet, gentle lifemate will return and we will continue our life in the slow lane together.

I have realised, more each day since he flew across the Pond, how much I value the stillness of our home-haven. Our sanctuary. The complete lack of noise. Perhaps I am just more aware of it in the absence of another breathing body: no TV talk, no second computer’s keys clicking, no other voiced thoughts or words. I miss my angel, and he misses my comforting presence, too; but upon his return I must remember to pursue these moments of complete quiet.

Today I took the afternoon off after several days and nights of rather intense work on several deadline-driven writing and editing projects. My dear Evie came and collected me and we made our usual town of Cochrane rounds: recycling depot, Home Treasures, Coffee Traders. We spent a couple of companionable hours, side by side. Reading. Creating. Writing. Looking up, smiling. In silence. Afterwards we sometimes read what we wrote. Or not.

How lovely it is being with a kindred companion and not talking. We are good for each other’s solitude-seeking souls. When we took leave of each other it was already dark—and an hour beyond our original curfew. We both needed today’s laughter and cheer; and the reminder that we are writers and artists; that we have gifts to use, and people to uplift and encourage.

We also recommitted to work on our own book again in January: we wrote the first draft and chose to let it sit for a while as we pursued other ventures this past season. Composting. Now comes the hard work of editing, gleaning from the harvest field all that’s worth gathering into the final draft. Percolating some more. And then: publishing? Time will tell. We’re both ready. At last. A few years ago I honestly thought I would not write with a co-author again...but the joy of the journey refuels me. The synergy of sharing scattered thoughts and seed-ideas with another world-lover fills my cup.

Today my joy overflows. I am smiling as I sit here in the dark and type. :-))