27 November 2010

Student (S)WordPlay

Welcome to our
SWordPlay pages
Where students gather
As poets, sages

Here we’ll hone
Our writing skills
Pour out thoughts, spill
Ink from quills

Here we’ll sharpen
Two-edged swords,
Thrust and parry,
Play with words

Warmly we invite
Constructive critiques,
But always remember:
Encouragement leaks!

So send us your words of
Wisdom and cheer
That we may keep writing
Year upon year

May this be a place
Where word-blocks are built
Where letters of fabric
Are stitched into quilts

Where sim’les are smudged
And metaphors mixed,
Where licence is given and
Spelling is fixxed

Dear Reader, we thank you
For being our guest
Go now in peace
On your own WordQuest

Pick up your pen
And try some word-tricks:
Enrich with your treasures
Our eclectic mix


Here’s a ditty I wrote to introduce our new student blog,
(S)WordPlay, earlier today: http://studentswordplay.blogspot.com/