14 January 2011


As I type the title of today’s post, I think of the now-famous line by Jenny Joseph:
“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple”—her poem is titled Warning—and the following thoughts spring to mind, in no particular order (it’s dark and blustery outside and I write this first entry sans caffeine):

1. This website/blog is a place for me to have fun with words.

2. It is also my “writer’s gym”—where I exercise in order to keep linguistic lethargy at bay.

3. When readers click on a link, they may well be expecting something other than the author’s personal journey (especially where blood, sweat and tears are involved).

4. This is not necessarily the ideal place for my colleagues to get to know my “professional” side.

(On that note: I realise to my surprise that I do not want a professional website, or not yet, at any rate; merely a place to store my writing/s and share my thoughts. However, earlier this week an editing colleague linked this website to his own and suddenly my readership changed. So be it. They’ll work it out.)

5. The posts to follow are up close and personal. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.