21 January 2011


5 a.m. 'tis on a spring-like Friday morning: it has warmed right up to plus 2ºC (almost) overnight after yesterday's Chinook wind!

In a few hours I'll be on my way to the airport to board a WestJet flight to Vancouver. My former student and current friend, Kyla, will pick me up and drop me off in Surrey, where I'll spend time catching up with dear family-friends.

On Sunday, after church, high school friend CW will personally escort me to the ferry bound for Bowen Island, where I'll spend a week in solitude and cyber-silence.

On the day before my 40th birthday I'll fly home and (try and) slip back into the routines of life in the s-l-o-w lane.

Maybe I'll return with fresh words and renewed zeal to write and teach and be with people. Or not. Maybe I'll return a confirmed hermit! Watch this space....