08 February 2011

First post from my 40-year-old self

A week ago I returned home, sweet home, to a flood of kind wishes and generous gifts, including parcels from across the Pond and a basket of goodies from my Chicago friend, Heidi. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and have chosen to take a few days to simply enjoy the journey of turning forty.

After my return from cyber-silent Rivendell (see my upcoming “Rivendell Retreat” post: in March), I realise anew how much I need both solitude and community. I confess: my desire to embrace the hermit within is stronger at present than the desire to connect with the technological world, but with a little planning and foresight, I believe I can do both.

This week I am writing with renewed vigour. Until I’m ready to post my daily thoughts, I’ll share a dozen aerial photos taken while flying over the spectacular snow-capped Rocky Mountains last week. See “Homeward bound.”