23 March 2011

CQ: 7-step intro to new blog

My new Correspondence Quarter (CQ) storehouse will document the simple joys of my journey as a letter writer: http://correspondencequarter.blogspot.com/

Welcome to Correspondence Quarter—home of EMP’s “quarterly” correspondence.

1. Pick up a pen (or quill or other writing implement of choice);
2. Put on the kettle (or prepare your favourite beverage);
3. Set a timer for 15 minutes (more or less, depending on your desire to write, the structure of your day, and the number of kids or tasks clamouring for your immediate attention);
4. Pull up a chair and get comfortable;
5. Write for a quarter of an hour without stopping (if possible);
6. Address envelope and add stamp/s (this can be a 7-step process in itself; see letter writing links re: mail art!);
7. Pop letter in outgoing mail, sit back, and sigh with contentment.

QED: 15 minutes well spent, eh?