07 April 2011

Tulips from Texas

Remember my March 23 win? (See below.) My pretty notecards arrived in the mail all the way from Carla P in sunny Texas this week, and I've already sent three of them to their new homes.

Well, today I'm a winner...again! See next post.

March 23 post:

Tulip Notecards Winner!

The winner of the Tulip Notecards Giveaway, posted yesterday, is "EMP," aka Elaine Mary Phillips.

When the random number picker chose her number, I decided to click on her links to see what EMP was all about. The first thing I saw was her profile statement on Blogger. I was immediately intrigued. Here's what she says in the profile:

"Since I was 7, I knew I’d be a letter-writer-poet when I grew up. Once I ventured out on my own (after hap’ly co-authoring and publishing a book of letters in 2007), I set up a baker’s dozen blogs as a discipline to record my thoughts and type up all the random bits ’n’ pieces composed in coffee shops and on silent retreat days."
EMP has a lovely website, and you can read more about her book, "The Hippo and the Unicorn: A Rainbow of Words" there. Browse around; she has some interesting stories!

Congratulations to EMP for winning the cards!