27 February 2011

50,000-word challenge

Towards the end of February I took up the challenge presented in a book I received as a birthday gift (more on that in “The Happiness Project”). The author, Gretchen Rubin, decides to follow her passion to write a novel in a month, and does so by setting aside time to meet her daily quota of 1,600+ words in order to complete a 50,000-word manuscript within thirty days.

Although I have no desire to write fiction, I have decided to do the same—albeit in a different genre—and will eventually post my daily word-count somewhere public, possibly even here, at the end of my insane journey.

Purely for fun (and out of curiosity) I copied and pasted several pages of writing I’d done in the past few weeks to see how much material I’d amassed, and shocked myself by easily finding 50,000 words. This bodes well….

Again, I’ll post my results in June.