06 March 2011


If I include today’s sermon manuscript of several thousand words, I am more than meeting my daily quota. This week I plan on writing for at least a couple of hours early each morning or last thing at night, and in time I may even share my progress. It still feels a bit unreal that I’ve managed to actually do some serious writing this past week. Why am I amazed? I guess I’ve been saying I’m a writer for a while now (thanks to a few encouraging friends who insist I call myself a writer) and it’s somewhat surreal seeing my dream come true, word by word, page after page … one letter-anthology at a time. As long as I stay focused on my “Audience of One” without allowing myself to get side-tracked by the reality that my letter-writing niche market is small—tiny, in fact: since I write to one person at a time, usually—and stop comparing myself to other “real” writers, I’ll be fine. Watch this space.