30 April 2011

3BT Friday: fairytale wedding, spring snow(storm), meeting a deadline

Saturday, April 30

1.      Unintentionally I awoke early (after deciding not to!) and got up to watch the wedding of the year (!). Glad I did: the bride was simply beautiful. (Aren’t all brides?) I do love a fairytale—and I think this couple has what it takes to make it last. They’re friends. They both work hard. They seem to share a similar sense of humour. I am smiling as I type.

2.      Despite the apparent appearance of spring earlier this week, it is snowing up a wee storm this morn. The garden has been spring-cleaned, and the barren earth is white again. But it’s probably too warm for the snow to settle for long. [post pics]

3.      I finally wrote my “More Glimpses” feature article for my patient and longsuffering editor. It is my privilege to write a regular column, and although my due date has come and gone, I chose to focus on teaching/ grading/ editing this week. Yesterday classes ended, and today I could concentrate on the next deadline on the horizon. J

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”
—Douglas Adams, English humourist & science fiction novelist (1952–2001).

And now, to nap!