30 April 2011

3BT: last day of school, snail mail, fellowship with friends

Thursday, April 28

1.      Today I taught my dozen+ college students for the very last time. Next semester I’ll have a new set of students—for two completely different courses (two or three may return). I have enjoyed getting to know these young women and men this past year; this has been one of those semesters in which I possibly learned (even) more than my students did. Today was bittersweet: I know I won’t see some of these precious people again, since they’ll move on with their lives (some to other countries), and I’ll remain here. Ah, the transience of the teaching life.

2.      Snail mail! More on that in my Monday Mail post.

3.      Tonight our sweet Women in Ministry (WIM) group of gals met for fellowship (and food), also for the last time this semester. I took photos … and will post them here soon-ish.